Are Yummi Bear vitamins gluten-free? Wheat free? Dairy Free?

Yes, our products are ALLERGEN-FREE, meaning we are free of yeast, wheat, milk, eggs, soy, gluten, peanuts, tree nut allergens, shellfish, synthetic colors, and artificial flavors, and preservatives. For more information on food allergens, please contact customer service at 800-500-4376/ customerservice@heronutritionals.com


Why is there some color variation in my gummies?

Hero products are made with natural colors from fruits and vegetables. It is possible to see a slight variation in the color of our gummies. Natural colors can darken over time. Changes in color do not affect the potency or taste of the finished product.


Can I give Yummi Bears to my child if he/she is under three years of age?

Please contact your physicians before giving your child gummy vitamins. We normally recommend children two and up, as long as they can chew and swallow easily.


How many Yummi Bears gummy vitamins should my child take?

Serving sizes vary by product. Check your product’s supplement facts to find the daily dosage for your child’s age range. Daily dosage is based on age, not weight, so we highly suggest following the serving size recommendations for each product.


What if my child eats more than the recommended serving size of gummies?

Please contact your child’s physician to discuss your concern. While most vitamins are easily eliminated from the body without causing any side effects, high doses of fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D and E are stored by the body.


Does it matter when I take my gummies?

You can take your supplements at any time of day. For maximum benefits, we recommend taking them around the same time each day.


What kind of gelatin do you use?

The gelatin in our Gummies is entirely Non-GMO and extracted from pork skin.


What kind of Pectin do you use?

 Our pectin is Non-GMO, plant-based and derived from lemons and limes.


Our vegetarian Approved Products are?

 Yummi Bears Organics for Kids and Slice of Life Organics for Adults our Yummi Bears Calcium+ D3 and our Yummi Bears Fish Free Omega-3 with Chia Seed are Vegetarian approved.


 Which of your products are Non-GMO?

All our Organic products (Yummi Bears Organics for Kids and Slice of Life Organics for Adults), as well as our Yummi Bears Calcium+ D3 and our Yummi Bears Fish Free Omega-3 with Chia Seed are GMO-Free.


Do you offer a sugar-free option?

Yes, we do! We use natural chicory root to sweeten our gummies. While this product is formulated for children adults can adjust the serving size as needed. Please contact your Dr. for recommended serving. Our sugar-free line consists of Yummi Bears Sugar-Free Vitamin C, Yummi Bears Sugar-Free Complete Multi-Vitamin and Yummi Bears Sugar-Free Vitamin D3 1000IU.


Are your products lead-free?

Yes! We conduct extensive testing to ensure we meet the standards of California’s Prop 65.


Are your products Kosher and/or Halal?

No, we are not certified Kosher/Halal at this time.


***I’D like Hero Nutritionals to Sponsor an Event or Donate Items, Who should I contact? 

You can submit your request to our Marketing department by filling out the link below. We will review your request and determine if it is something we are able to sponsor.

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