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We are the original children's gummy vitamin

In 1997, we transformed the natural products industry by introducing the first all-natural gummy vitamin for kids. Yummi Bears  quickly became the best selling children's gummy vitamin and now we offer organic, sugar-free and vegan options to meet your child's needs!

We manufacture our Yummi Gummies® in our very own certified organic factory in Southern California

We believe that quality and trust matter most which is why we built our own gummy factory right here at our corporate headquarters!  And we are proud to be the only certified organic manufacturer with over 20 years of experience creating delicious and nutritious gummy vitamins that children just love.


Flavors that will keep you coming back for more

It’s not easy to create an all-natural gummy vitamin that not only delivers the right nutrients, but also taste great. Afterall, there’s a reason ‘Yummi’ is in our name!

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Yeaaaaa! It’s vitamin time

It’s easy to create a daily routine of taking your vitamins with the irristable flavors of Yummi Bears.

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