Picky Eater Approved Fish Tacos

Fast & Fresh Fish Taco Recipe


Serves 4



1 lb fresh fish

¾ c flour

2 eggs

1 c panko

Frying oil (peanut or vegetable)

½ c mayonnaise

1 c prepared salsa

Old Bay seasoning

Salt & pepper

1 c shredded bag cabbage

1 tb chopped cilantro

Limes, sliced

Flour (or corn) tortillas (serve warm)



Diced tomatoes

Diced onions

Shredded cheese





Using a couple of prepared ingredients makes this a quick and easy (and tasty) work night dinner.


Set-Up edit


1. Fresh is best. It’s all about the fish! Use your favorite or ask your fish monger for suggestions.


2. The secret! Salsa Crema. Mix equal parts mayo and your favorite salsa. Done! Really! If you must make it more complicated you can tweak it. More salsa makes it lighter; more mayo makes it creamier. Add a half a teaspoon of Old Bay or your favorite seasonings. Set aside.


3. Slice! Cut your fish into strips about the size of your index finger. It doesn’t have to be precise. Lightly salt the fish and set it aside.


4. Prepare the Bath. This is a classic egg wash: Flour, then egg, then Panko (Japanese bread crumbs). Put each ingredient in a separate bowl, scrambling the egg thoroughly.


5. Start the dippin’! Drop a piece of fish into the flour and coat it completely. Shake off any excess and dip it in the egg. Finally, give it a good roll in the Panko, so that it’s uniformly coated, and place it on a plate. Repeat.


6. Fire it up! Pour half an inch of oil into a pan and heat to 350 degrees. Peanut oil is best, you can get it really hot before it smokes. Or you can use vegetable oil; just drop in a small piece of fish to see if the oil is hot enough.

Carefully place three or four pieces of fish into the oil. Don’t fill the pan or it’ll bring the temperature down.

Cook for 30 seconds on each side and remove to a paper towel to drain. Remember that fish continues to cook after it leaves the pan, and it dries out with over-cooking.



7. Shred it! Cabbage sliced from the head is fine, but so is bagged cabbage/coleslaw. Toss in chopped cilantro for added flavor. Place in bowl.


8. Build it! No, wait! Let them build it! A taco bar is fun. Let your guests (or family) build their own masterpiece. Start with a warm tortilla, add fish and cabbage and drizzle with salsa crema. Serve with lime slices.


You can add guacamole, fresh tomatoes or onions; spice it up with some hot sauce–whatever makes your tummy happy!