Hero Nutritional's Timeline




Jennifer Hodges, Founder and CEO of Hero Nutritionals, makes vitamin history by being the first company to put vitamins and minerals into a gummy delivery system. The first gummy vitamin for children – Yummi Bears® is launched and has since become the #1 Selling Children’s gummy vitamin brand in the industry.†



In order to provide adults with a healthy and delicious way to take their vitamins, Hero creates and launches Slice of Life®, the first ever gummy vitamin for adults on the market.



Launch of Yummi Bears Organics®, the first organic gummy vitamin for children.



Launch of the Yummi Bears® Vegetarian and Slice of Life® Vegetarian gummy vitamins with a gelatin free, fruit pectin base for those who enjoy a vegetarian lifestyle.



The First Sugar Free Gummy Multi-Vitamin, sweetened naturally with only lo han fruit and chicory root. Available in both the Yummi Bears Sugar Free® and the Slice of Life Sugar Free® brands.



The First GMO FREE, Sugar Free Vitamin D3 High Potency gummy vitamins with nothing artificial. Available in both the Yummi Bears® Sugar Free and the Slice of Life® Sugar Free brands.



New and Improved Vegetarian Fish Free Omega 3 sourced from chia seeds. Available in both the Yummi Bears® Vegetarian and the Slice of Life® Vegetarian brands.