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I have never been one to spend a lot of time outdoors and in the sun due to my skin tone. I burn easily and I have a very fair complexion. Living in California for the majority of my life- getting enough sun or vitamin D was never an issue for me. Running errands and driving in the car provided me with plenty of vitamin D and sun rays- sometimes even enough to give me a sunburn.

I never felt that I was deficient in any vitamins due to taking a multivitamin regularly. When I was pregnant I found out I had an iron deficiency and later on, I realized that was due to my leaky gut from being gluten intolerant. Once I became gluten free I felt much better and my iron levels were normal.

I have had my children on a multivitamin for the majority of their lives. For the past 2 years, I added a probiotic in as well. The probiotic has helped to keep my daughters eczema away. It also has many other benefits and I can see the difference when they are not taking it.


When I choose a vitamin for my family it is very important to me that it is organic and doesn’t have unnecessary ingredients. Yummy Bear Organics is our favorite vitamin brand! My kids come running for their vitamins with excitement and I know that they are getting the nutrients their growing bodies need.

We moved to Washington State in 2015 and experienced our first Northwest winter. It was cold and wet, but not horrible. The 2016-2017 winter was absolutely horrible. The rain never stopped- therefore the sun never shined. We were stuck inside for over 6 months with no sun in sight. Starting in December we got the first virus and they did not end until May. It was literally a new cold every other week. Each virus would rotate through the house with one week in-between before a new one would come through. I had not had so many colds in one season, ever. My kids were constantly sick and when we lived in CA we had on average 2 mild colds each winter.

I thought maybe it was just the weather that caused so much sickness in WA State. I then began to feel very depressed. The depression worsened throughout the winter. 

Finally in the springtime, I spoke with a native about the constant colds running through our home and my mild depression. She asked if we were taking a vitamin D supplement. I had not thought of it until that moment. I assumed that the vitamins in our multivitamin were enough, but when you literally get zero sun exposure for months and months- it can’t be enough.





I think that most of us don’t consider adding extra vitamin D into our diets because no one really talks about it. At least that was the case for me. When I started to research some of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency I quickly realized that we had all been suffering from it. Some of our symptoms were…


  • Fatigue
  • Stomach Cramping
  • Mild Depression
  • Suppressed Immune System


This winter I plan to be prepared. October is typically the last month that the sun comes and goes. November through April you will likely not see the sun at all. The kids and I will be taking our multivitamin, probiotic and a dose of vitamin D for optimal health. I am confident this will help keep us happier and healthier all winter long.


Jennifer Bigler is living life freely gluten free. She founded in 2012 and has been passionate about bringing healthy and simple recipes to families ever since. After switching dairy out of her diet over a year ago she has modified almost all of the recipes to also be dairy free. In addition to being gluten and dairy free she loves to stay organized and plan things out so she wrote 2 E-books dedicated to creating meal plans and grocery list’s to help take the difficulty and stress out of dinner.

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