When looking for the right supplements to take, most people consider vitamin C to ward off colds and a multivitamin to act as a catch-all for any nutrients that may be lacking in their diet. But there’s another vitamin that provides a multitude of health benefits: vitamin D. It’s essential for bone health and may also help with symptoms of depression and protect against colds. Basically, it’s the supplement you need to stay healthy and happy. Here are the three best sources of vitamin D.



Just 20-25 minutes of sunlight–while wearing the appropriate SPF, of course–is a good way to get vitamin D. But as we approach winter weather and shorter sunlit days, it can be harder to get your daily dose of sun. It should be noted that it’s also more difficult to absorb vitamin D from the sun if you’re darker skinned or older as pigment blocks absorption and the process of absorption is more difficult as you age.



Fish lovers, rejoice! Salmon, along with mackerel, tuna and sardines are a good source of vitamin D. Vegetarians can get their dose of D from tofu, shiitake mushrooms and and egg yolks. Many foods are also fortified with with vitamin D including; milk, orange juice, almond milk, breakfast cereals and yogurt. Check the brand labels to ensure your favorite foods are fortified.



The challenges that most people face when ensuring they’re getting enough vitamin D in their diet is that ample sunlight isn’t always accessible and the primary sources of vitamin D may not be what they frequently include in their diet. To ensure that you’re getting the Recommended Dietary Allowance (currently 600 international units), vitamin D3 supplements may be necessary.  We’ve formulated special, and yummi, vitamins for all dietary needs:

Slice of Life Vitamin D3 for adults

Slice of Life Sugar-Free Vitamin D3 for adults

Yummi Bears D3 for children

Yummi Bears Sugar-Free Vitamin D3 for children


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