Gratitude_horizontalLife is busy and, sometimes, adulting can drain the positivity right out of you. Practicing gratitude is something simple we can do daily that can boost us right back up.

In the spirit of Earth Month we thought it would be fun to practice gratitude by tapping into the energy of the world around us. Try to practice any of these 3 activities on your own or with your kiddos to keep you grounded and help them develop some seriously good, healthy habits!

Observational Walk

Trying to get more steps in and need a moment of positivity? Get outside and wander around your neighborhood or in some pretty outdoor space you’ve been meaning to explore. While you are walking, leave your electronic devices turned off or on silent and tune into the music of the outdoors. Listen to the breeze rustling the trees, count the birds flying overhead, see how many colors you can observe from the rainbow.

If that seems too open ended and stresses you out just thinking of it, make this one a little more focused and search for things (plants, animals, sounds, textures, feelings) in nature that start with every letter of the alphabet. For example, A is for ants, B is for beam of light, C is for clouds, and so on! You can tailor this to any environment or time of year and can keep yourself or your kids educationally entertained for a nice chunk of time. If you don’t finish one day, you can always keep a list and, when you have time, pick up where you left off.

Bonus Gratitude Opportunity: When you need a quick pick me up, read over your previous alphabet list(s) when you don’t have enough time to go on a new observational walk. The good feelings will come flooding back!

Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun one! You can create any list of items you’d like to gather based on where you have time to explore and who is doing the gathering. We like to try to tap into different senses like sight, touch, and smell to really get the mind away from life’s stresses and focused on the present moment. Here is a list to get your imagination working, but definitely add to and adjust for your hunt.

A small stone
A fallen leaf
The longest blade of grass you can find
A brightly colored petal
Something soft
Something yellow
A flower that smells amazing!

Want something to remember it by? Snap a simple picture (like ours above perhaps) of your new collection!

Create a Photo Inspiration Board

Too cold or rainy or busy to actually get outside? Do an internet search for nature images then print or save the ones that inspire you. Make a digital or physical inspiration board of all those gorgeous images. Then next time you are feeling drained, take out your inspiration board and take a quiet minute or two (as long as you can) to breathe in and out while focusing on all the beauty in the world. Put the negative or stressful thoughts and to-do lists in the back of your mind and keep bringing yourself back to your inspiration board with a smile. Remind yourself that this is a good moment. A moment you took for yourself. Because life is good even when it feels hard.

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Digital marketing expert, explorer, and former chef, Michelle spends her life trying to nourish those around her. Similar to diet, she believes that the thoughts we digest and metabolize also become part of us. Through this perspective, she tries to live with positivity, gratitude, and mouth-watering, health-giving nutrition. Favorite gummy vitamins: Omega-3 with Chia Seed!

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