crocus-flowers-wide-imageSpring has officially sprung! Here’s to sunnier afternoons, warmer days, flowers blooming and spring cleaning. Spring cleaning? You read that right! But rather than physically cleaning your home or workspace, we propose a new kind of cleaning. This ‘cleaning’ regime will help you find your zen and be more productive.

Cleanse Your Mind

There are two things you can do today to declutter your mind. Both are challenging, you’ve been forewarned.

Stop Multitasking

Multitasking might make you feel productive, but when you spread your attention among tasks, you’re not giving any one task your complete focus. You’re taxing your brain and the task will not be done as well as it could’ve been done if you were giving it your undivided attention. This applies not only to chores or work tasks, but also to everyday moments. If you’re spending time with your children, truly spend time with them. Put the cellphone away, stop thinking about the laundry list of tasks ahead of you and simply be. Commit to being fully in the moment, whatever that moment is. We guarantee you’ll feel less stressed and much happier.

Say ‘No’ to Negativity

It can be tempting to complain to your spouse or friend about frustrations at work. It’s satisfying, at times, to let it all out. Gossiping, too, often makes one feel like they’re fostering a bond with another person. But negativity has a snowball effect. You might find that you complain more frequently and feel increasingly overwhelmed about your situation at work. Gossiping can become equally toxic as it encourages you to seek the faults in people instead of the goodness. Say ‘yes’ to positive energy!

Declutter Your Diet

A healthy diet can improve your mood, increase your energy and contribute to beautiful skin. If your typical meals are fast food fare or laden with salt, fat and sugar, consider making a change. These quick tips will help you make the transition to a healthier diet:

  • Drink two liters of water every day to improve mental acuity, energy and overall health (water also hydrates your skin so you can say hello to that glow!)
  • Spend most of your time in the produce isle when shopping
  • Avoid packaged and canned food as often as possible
  • Opt for simple, healthy meals that you can cook quickly (like rice, beans and kale for example)

While you’re decluttering your diet, make sure you’re also infusing it with healthy vitamins and minerals. Our vitamins can help ensure that you’re getting the right nutrition you need to maintain a healthy life. We have an array of tasty gummy vitamins for adults and children alike: Hero Nutritionals Gummy Vitamin

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