Are you sick of your same old workout routine? Not to worry, we have a list of some hot new workout trends that are sure to spice up your fitness routine.


This one’s for you, yoga lovers! This workout is the polar opposite of hot yoga and is one of the hottest trending workouts this winter. You guessed it, it’s performing yoga in the snow. Snowga is for those who want to work on balance, focus and muscle toning without placing unnecessary stress on their joints. Most snowga classes are aimed at perfecting holding, balancing and standing poses. Embrace the winter wonderland and try it for yourself. Oh, and don’t forget to bundle up.

Aerial Dance

Are you working on increasing your flexibility? Stretching alone won’t do the job. Try aerial dancing. There are various props to assist you with this workout like hula hoops and fabric. Yoga is often incorporated as well. Aerial dance concentrates on bringing balance, strength, flexibility, stress reduction and fun to your fitness routine.


Shake things up with this trendy workout. Be prepared to challenge your body in ways you never have before. The exercises are practiced on a surfboard and are focused primarily on strengthening your core, burning fat and making your physique more lean and fit within weeks.


This exhilarating workout is similar to aerial dance – it offers a fun and unique way to become more flexible and relive childhood dreams of flying. The trapeze workout focuses on building strength in your core and boosting your confidence. It’s been compared to gymnastics as it focuses on abs, lats and shoulder muscles. Those that have tried this workout say it’s not only a great physical workout, but also helps foster positive lifestyle changes.


If you love obstacle courses and military-style workouts, Parkour is for you. Parkour uses everyday structural elements like stairs, walls and railings to perform acrobatic, challenging feats – think ‘American Ninja Warrior.’ This is an activity that can be practiced by yourself or with others. This workout will not only make you feel and look physically fit, it also requires strategizing to navigate through courses and movements. Here is a list of workouts that you can incorporate into your new Parkour workout routine. You’ll feel like a powerhouse in no time.

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