Mothers Day BlogI am the proud mom of a sassy four year old. My daughter, Peyton, is at that age when everything starts to change; babble and drool is replaced with full sentences and conversation. My crawling baby has blossomed into a walking, running, jumping little girl. In other words, I’m falling in love with her all over again. However, having a little grown up presents its challenges. I used to be able to quarantine her in a pack n’ play when I needed a moment, now, she’s attached at the hip.

How do I keep myself balanced while tending to my adorable little monster? How do I eat right when I’m pulled in a million different directions? Below you’ll find a few easy to make healthy meals and an at-home workout I love that helps me stay strong for myself and my daughter.

You Can Make Time for This Work Out

When I’m in need of inspiration, I rely on the experts for quick, interval workouts that are easy to do between chores, working, and family time. If you have 7 minutes, you have time to do this workout, posted in The New York Times by Gretchen Reynolds.

For these at home workouts, it is what you make it, so it’s time to push yourself. Remember, you’re a warrior and you can kick some butt… and if all else fails… remember, it’s only 7 minutes!

Easy Meals to Help You Keep Up Your Strength

A good workout is nothing without following it up with some nutrient dense eating habits. Here are some of my favorite, go-to meals on my busiest days.

First Meal

Overnight Oats! I recently started adding this to my breakfast routine. It’s so easy and delicious! You’ll get a great dose of fiber from the oats that will help you feel full for longer, get for when you are on the go all morning. Here’s a great place to find some inspiration and variety: One of my personal favorites is #14, Flax & Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats.

Lunch at Work

When you’re busy, a 5-minute stop at the drive thru for lunch may seem like your only option. Nope. It’s time to start meal prepping ladies! I usually cook an extra piece of protein the night before and use it as a salad topper. We eat a lot of roasted veggies at my house and it’s an easy, flavorful addition to my salads. Prepacking my lunches has actually made me more productive at work. When I’m not bogged down by a greasy meal, that 3 o’clock energy drag is easier to combat when I’ve had a healthy lunch. (I do keep Slice of Life Energy+B12 at my desk as an afternoon pick up)

Dinner Without all the Dirty Dishes

I’m a huge fan of one pot meals. One pan means minimal dishes-huge plus. Even better, there’s nothing more satisfying than slow cooked veggies. Usually, these recipes make enough for two meals so all of the cutting prep time is worth it. One of my personal favorites is the sausage and veggie bake. These dishes are a great place to start if you’ve recently converted to Paleo. Check out this recipe from

Keep Up the Good Work Momma

A lot of us Moms carry the weight of the world on our backs. We have to remember to take time between the play dates, work projects, doctor’s appointments and everything else to enjoy this life. Make time to stop and smell the roses. Stress can sometimes make me forget how fun it is just playing with my daughter. So, I made a pact with her: Once a week we take time to get outside and explore. It’s those moments that allow me to reflect and reconnect with myself and my daughter.

You’re doing a good job warrior mom. Soldier on!

Shanan Markley is Hero’s number crunching Sales Analyst. She earned her Bachelors of Arts in English Literature with an emphasis on creative writing and is currently working on her Masters of Science in Business Intelligence and Strategic Analytics at St. Joseph’s University. In her free time, Shanan loves to hike, bake, and slowly but surely earn her green thumb. She is a big fan of the outdoors, neighborhood farmer’s markets and sharing laughs with her daughter. Favorite gummy vitamins: Yummi Bears Omega 3 + DHA.

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