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We’ve come to think of heroes as the marvelous people who make hero-ing their main job, but in reality, a hero is someone, anyone, who goes out of their way to do something good. Every little thing we do out of kindness and selflessness is hero behavior.

So I repeat: You are a hero!

Recently I heard this story about Leah Nelson, a 10-year old young lady who felt the world was a little too negative. Instead of soaking that in, she chose to take action. She started making bracelets and handing them out to people around her, requesting they do a good deed for someone then pass the bracelet forward so that first someone could do a good deed for someone else. And on and on.

The movement is called BecauzICare and people are tweeting and posting about their good deeds, no matter how small, to social media to spread the kindness even further. This is some serious hero behavior!



As we head back to school we hope you’ll talk with your kids about spreading kindness to become a little hero. Here are some small acts you and your kids may like to try:

For Kids
  • Give your parents a big bear hug.
  • Tell your teacher something you like about him or her after class.
  • Talk to the shy or new person in class.
  • Let someone in line behind you go in front of you because you’re not in a hurry.
  • Call your grandparents.
  • Pick up 5 pieces of trash from the playground, park, or beach.
For Adults
  • Buy the person behind you at the coffee shop their drink.
  • Compliment someone authentically.
  • When everyone is leaning toward the negative, be the one to share something positive.
  • Put your phone away at meal time (or anytime) to be more present.
  • Listen intently and ask questions with no agenda of your own.
  • Give your family and friends a hug.
  • At dinner with your family, invite everyone to talk about something they’re grateful for.


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  1. Great blog piece, you have tried to add what you think about kids and how to become a “Hero”. As stated in order to become “Hero” one must have strong bones, tooth and immune system.

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