If broccoli strikes fear into your little one’s heart and they won’t go near a tomato unless it’s in condiment form on a burger, this article is for you. Or, perhaps you face a different challenge. Today’s digital age means that children are more likely than ever before to spend time sitting at home on their phone or playing video games. This often means less time spent outside playing and being active. A nutritious diet and physical exercise play a big role in ensuring your child is feeling their best, inside and out. Here’s how to encourage your child to build healthy habits:

Introduce Healthy Foods to Your Child Enthusiastically

If your child has an aversion to healthy foods, don’t give up after one taste test. Studies have shown that children need as many as seven experiences with new foods to develop a taste for them. Approach new foods with enthusiasm and show your child how much you’re enjoying the food. Teach them about the benefits of the ‘scary’ food and how they’ll become stronger, their brains will develop properly and they’ll be healthier if they eat foods that nourish their bodies.

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Make Sure Your Child is Taking Necessary Supplements

While your child is developing healthy habits, it’s essential to ensure that they’re still receiving the nutrients they need for overall health. The road to healthy eating may be a bumpy one, so having great supplements and vitamins in place are necessary, especially during crucial developmental years, to fill those nutritional gaps. If your little one is unlikely to take a traditional vitamin, we have a solution for them: Organic gummy vitamins. Tasty and healthy!

Help Your Child Find an Activity He or She Enjoys

We know parents that have tried multiple activities with children before one finally ‘took.’ Exposing your child to a variety of activities to increase physical well-being not only keeps them active, it expands their horizons. If your child isn’t responding to team sports, don’t encourage them to stick it out. The last thing you want them to do is to resent physical activity because they didn’t enjoy the sport that was picked for them. Sit down with them and give them various options from tap dancing classes to joining a local running club. If you have a younger child, mold them into an active person by leading by example. Take them to yoga class, go on a family hike or walk, or hula hoop in the park. Instill a passion for activity in them at an early age.

Keep your little ones healthy and happy.  Read our 4 Building Blocks of Kids’ Health article featured on Delicious Living. 



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