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Posted by Stephanie Magill on February 16, 2015 under Health Tips, Lifestyle, Nutrition

Ever been busy and rushed and eat the first thing you see because you just need to EAT something, anything? More than likely it’s sugary, salty or high in fat because it’s a convenient, easy to grab food.


We’ve all done it. We’re hungry and our body needs energy to keep going, but often this energy is short-lived and empty because the food provides only energy and not the other nutrients—the vitamins and minerals–we need to maintain our health and feel our best.


Eating healthy foods every day can be a challenge, but I recommend these simple steps: eat a variety of foods, choose nutrient-rich foods most of the time, and enjoy occasional treats. Food provides your body with more than energy.  When you set goals to eat healthier you’re showing your body some love by choosing nutrient-rich foods with the key vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients it provides to keep you feeling your best.  And when you have nutritional gaps, fill them with vitamin supplements. My go to is Slice of Life® Vitamin C gummy vitamins that are made specifically for adults, when I need an antioxidant boost in my diet. Getting those extra essential vitamins and nutrients is so much easier now with all the fun, tasty forms out there! Look for a vitamin that you will actually enjoy and remember to take every day.




Banish the diet mindset

Fad diets trap you into eating only certain foods that leave you feeling hungry and missing key nutrients.

  • Choose a variety of foods to ensure you’re getting a variety of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.
  • Trade high fat and high calorie foods for a lighter version– eat carrot sticks instead of potato chips, hummus and pita instead of chips and dip, choose sparkling water instead of sugar laden soda, select lean cuts of meat.
  • Add vibrant fresh vegetables and fruits at each meal and snack.
  • Follow suggestions on My Plate for practical information on building healthy eating habits.


Eat healthy when on the go

Avoid the convenience junk food snack trap by planning ahead to manage eating on the go. I try to make a list of healthy items to buy at the store, like fruit cups and veggies and pack in small baggies to easily grab and go. For more healthy snacks that I would recommend as a mom and a registered dietician, read my Healthy Eating on the Go blog post.


Special diets, athletes and extra vitamin needs

Those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets, have digestive disorders or celiac disease, may have trouble absorbing vitamin B12 from food. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause tiredness and weakness. Slice of Life B12 helps to support and maintain the body’s energy systems, boosting your natural energy.





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*The views expressed are her own.

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