We women are brilliant, strong, capable, determined, expressive and beautiful. Everything we do, we do with our whole heart. Being this amazing is pretty special, but we need to take care of ourselves to keep it up.

For me, self-care is not my first instinct. I will completely lose myself to the world’s needs if I am not mindful. In my mid-twenties I started focusing on self-care and have made it a daily priority in my life. You definitely should too. Because if we do not first take care of ourselves, there will be nothing left of us to share with others. And the more you give (overtime? kids?), the more you need to do for yourself.

Along with enjoying a clean and colorful diet, the first thing I did was start taking supplements. It is an easy routine to get into and supplements do exactly what their name describes: supplement our diets and lifestyle to ensure we have the best shot at being healthy and strong as possible. Here are three supplements you should consider taking and what they do:


Vitamin D

This one was not intuitive to me. I would have thought I needed more calcium, but believe it or not most women are lacking adequate levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D supports bone health and tooth health by aiding calcium absorption (aha!) and is an essential key to immunity health. You can get vitamin D from the sun, but if you’re pale like me and/or wearing sunscreen daily, consider Slice of Life Organics Vitamin D3 in a sunny lemon flavor to keep your bones, teeth and immunity strong.


B Vitamins

B vitamins help with cellular energy production. Wait, what is cellular energy production? Cellular energy is a fancy way of saying “energy” because improved energy production at the cellular level improves your overall energy. AKA reduced fatigue and increased stamina! Extra workout? Maybe. One less tap on the snooze button? Definitely. Consider Slice of Life Organics Energy + B12 that has B12 along with folic acid and B6 to support heart health, circulatory health and energy metabolism. Win, win, win.



There are 3 types of omegas: omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. Our bodies can produce omega-9 and we get enough omega-6 from our diets, mainly vegetable oils. So we have enough of those, but typically not enough omega-3. This imbalance can increase inflammation within our body, which leads to disease. By supplementing our diet with omega-3 we are bringing more balance. Consider Slice of Life Omega-3 with Chia Seed to support your heart health and joint health and promote healthy brain and vision functions in a powerful way.


Take care now. You deserve it.


*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this blog should not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment based on your personal situation. Please always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with all the questions you may have before starting a new or tweaking your current health care routine.

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Digital marketing expert, explorer, and former chef, Michelle spends her life trying to nourish those around her. Similar to diet, she believes that the thoughts we digest and metabolize also become part of us. Through this perspective, she tries to live with positivity, gratitude, and mouth-watering, health-giving nutrition. Favorite gummy vitamins: Omega-3 with Chia Seed!

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