Here are our Top 5 Ways to feel like a Hero every morning:


1. Breathe


Deep breathing first thing in the morning has many benefits, including avoiding any groggy morning feeling! In fact, here are just a few benefits.

Morning Breathing:

1. Reduces stress (it lowers the stress hormone cortisol)

2. Slows the aging process by releasing human growth hormone (AKA the anti-aging hormone)

3. Improves your mood by elevating positive endorphins like serotonin

4. Improves mental focus and concentration by increasing blood flow and oxygen to your brain

BREATHING TIPS: Focus on your breathing while stretching your muscles with morning yoga, or try the following breathing exercise: Sit in a comfortable chair or in your bed. With your eyes closed, inhale very slowly thru your nose using your diaphragm. You should focus on expanding your belly while you inhale with little to no chest movement. Once your lungs are full and your belly has expanded, hold your breath for about 6 to 12 seconds. Then, use your belly to push the air out as you slowly exhale thru your mouth. Once your lungs are empty, do it again! Try to do this 10 times and you will feel the difference!


2. Break a Sweat!


It’s probably not the first thing you want to do when you wake up BUT think of how great you’ll feel the rest of the day knowing you’ve already completed your workout!? By simply cutting out one hour of TV time each day, you can include a 30 minute sweat session AND a shower. Every healthy choice counts so hit the ground running. Benefits of Exercise;

• Our body releases endorphins when we sweat that make us feel happy

• Increases overall energy

• Increased short term memory and productivity

• Stabilizes blood sugar

• Helps us look good and maintain a healthy weight

• Decreases risk of diseases

• Increases bone strength

• Strengthens your heart

You don’t have to go to a gym or lift an incredible amount of weight to get all the benefits of exercise. In fact, even taking the dog for a 30 minute stroll will help.


Try this:



3. Eat your breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It fills up your fuel tank so you’re ready to hit to take on the day. Benefits of eating a yummi breakfast:

·         Enhanced concentration and performance

·         More strength and endurance

·         Lower cholesterol levels

·         Lowered risk of developing Type 2 diabetes

·         Less likely to have belly fat


To make the most of your morning meal, choose whole-grains, non-fat dairy products and/or protein paired with a side of seasonal fruits (or veggies!).



4. Take Your Vitamins

Right after breakfast, reward yourself for your hard work with delicious gummy vitamins that will replenish your body’s nutrients for the day. Honestly, once you get in the habit of remembering to take your vitamins each morning, it can become one of the most fun routines of your day.


5. Healthy Caffeine Fix

Green Tea

You can look to green tea offer a healthy dose of caffeine, plus powerful antioxidants and brain boosting amino acids called L-theanine. Another great benefit is the metabolism boosting qualities that aid with weight management. What better way to start the day than with a boosted metabolism?!

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate contains a number of vitamins and minerals that boost energy and stimulate focus and clarity. With about 80 milligrams less caffeine than coffee, it’s still a great alternative to coffee without the crash. Not only that, it also aids in cardiovascular health with its antioxidants and amino acids.


Look for teas with added Ginseng. Ginseng is great for increased blood flow and alertness. It’s been shown to reduce depression and stress.

Ice Cold Water and a B12

A caffeine free energy boosting alternative is a cold glass of water and B12. The water will kick start your system and the combined B12 will naturally boost your energy levels and aid with mental clarity.

Sarah Hendrix received a B.A. in Digital Communications from UCLA, and a wealth of knowledge in natural wellness from her upbringing in holistic health. She believes that the combination of the two can be a powerful tool to help people find a healthier lifestyle, especially with fun to take gummy vitamin supplements that contain nothing artificial. After work, she’s rock climbing, cooking healthy meals with her hubby or learning to play the guitar.

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