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We all know them: those people who seem to have endless reserves of energy. With or without coffee, they seem to be in a constant state of awake. How do they do it?

We’re not sure what their secret is but here are five great, and natural ways to get that energy boost you’re seeking.


Eat Clean

Foods like chocolate (not the dark kind) and sweet snacks can provide a temporary boost of energy, but there are a number of nutritional powerhouses that will help you sustain energy throughout the day. These foods include:

  • Chia seeds – Often lauded as the go-to energy source for runners, these seeds provide sustainable, nutritious energy
  • Melons – Watermelon and cantaloupes aren’t only delicious, they also fight fatigue through hydration
  • Eggs – Eggs are rich in B vitamins, which help convert food into energy
  • Kale – This cruciferous veggie is a nutritional powerhouse perfect for salad, smoothies and more
  • Wild blueberries – These delicious berries rank low on the glycemic sugar index, which means your won’t get a sugar spike followed by a crash

Here are two recipes to try when you’re feeling like you need a healthy energy boost:


chia seed pudding with blueberries

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

Wellness Mama’s recipe for chia seed pudding gives a boost of delicious energy perfect for a snack or breakfast.


pesto pasta

Spinach Pesto Pasta

This creative recipe featured on POPSUGAR is free of cheese and pine nuts. Instead, it replaces these ingredients with spinach, herbs and oil. What a great way to get your veggies in! If you’re gluten-intolerant, substitute the wheat pasta for quinoa or brown rice pasta.

Be Friends with B 12

Don’t forget to take a B 12 vitamin if you’re feeling low on energy. It’s especially important for vegans and vegetarians as they may be lacking in it due to less (or no) intake of fish, meat or eggs. B 12 provides sustained, long-lasting energy and is essential in the manufacturing of red bloods cells and nerve cell functioning, which means it plays a vital role in ensuring your brain is functioning well. It can also help prevent dementia. B 12 is also required for the replication of DNA. Without proper B 12 intake, our DNA can not replicate normally, which means we can’t generate new, healthy cells. Because of this, B 12 deficiencies can mimic all the affects of aging.  If you’re experiencing weakness, numbness and tingling, fatigue, dizziness, swelling and irritation of the mouth and tongue, and irritability, you might be deficient in B 12 and in need of a daily supplement. It’s a powerful, necessary vitamin!


Meditate in the Morning

Start your A.M. with some O.M. – ‘Om’ that is! Meditation not only centers you, but believe it or not, it can invigorate you. When you’ve settled your mind and started your day with a peaceful attitude, you’ll feel ready to face the day in a refreshed, not with a just-rolled-out-of-bed attitude. We like to have an ‘attitude of gratitude’ so our meditation practice often ends with mentally listing the things we’re thankful for. If you’re a yoga fan, you can also combine your meditative practice with some calming yoga moves, like downward facing dog, to promote blood flow and good vibes.


Schedule Your Day

Stress is exhausting. Having a game plan for each day won’t ward off unexpected stressors, but it can certainly make you feel more in control and less likely to feel overwhelmed when stressful situations arise. Don’t let your energy be sapped by a lack of planning. After you meditate, spend 5-10 minutes writing down your big to dos for the day – work-related and otherwise. Make them tangible, realistic goals. We like to use tools like Asana to organize projects, but you can also simply use a Google calendar or ‘notes’ on your phone to organize tasks.


Squeeze in a Workout

A workout is great for your mind, body and soul. It releases stress and provides energy. Have a busy day? Even 10 minutes of exercise can energize you. Before work, you can squeeze in a HIIT workout or a Nike Training Club workout. NTC is an app that provides workouts of varying intensity and time that can be done with body weight alone. You can choose to do a quick 10 minute workout focused on flexibility or take on a half hour session that helps build strength. We love this app! 

Consider, too, finding a favorite workout to commit to on a regular basis. Perhaps you love hiking or maybe you’re more of a group class person (hello, Barre class!).  Figure out what works best for you.


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