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Childhood seems like a lifetime ago when play was expected and sleep avoided to keep the good times alive. Now that the kids in our lives are not us, but the children we’re raising, fun and relaxation for ourselves are sometimes the last things on our mind. So how can we provide self-care and have it not seem like another item on a seemingly endless to-do list? Coloring! For adults! And we’re obsessed. Here are 5 reasons to buy yourself a coloring book to join in the fun with your kids:


5 Benefits of Adult Coloring

1. Relaxation
Coloring is a form of active meditation. By taking the time to select the perfect colored pencil and color in the lines, you are living in the moment. You are engaging in a calming task and giving your mind some much needed down time. No oms required.

2. Stress Relief
Due to the relaxing state of mind coloring creates, all your worries seem to fade into the background. After your coloring break is over everything around you often feels more manageable because you’ve subconsciously worked through stress.

3. Self Confidence
Coloring books provide a space to be true to your inner self. It may seem trivial, but having complete control over which colors you select and which section you fill in at any given moment is extremely satisfying. Your coloring book is a reflection of your choices and gives you the opportunity to be entirely authentic.

4. Fun
Coloring is creative play! Feel the joy that comes from being inspired and artistic.

5. Connect With Your Kids
Coloring fosters relaxation, stress relief, confidence and fun. Plus you get to spend time with your kids. Enjoying the activity of coloring together provides the opportunity to bond over a shared interest, develop your adult-child relationship as equals and inspire love-inducing smiles and laughter.

Have you started adult coloring yet? What is your favorite thing about adult coloring?

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