1-flower-girl-003November is here and I am feeling old because I say things like, “Where does the time go?” basically all the time. On the plus side, Thanksgiving is almost here and Thanksgiving is awesome. It just so happens to be my favorite holiday!

The thing I love about Thanksgiving is that it is a lot like Christmas but without all the gifts. It is all about getting together with loved ones and enjoying a thoughtful meal without any pretense.

So instead of freaking out about time passing, I think it’s a better use of energy to extend the positive Thanksgiving vibes throughout the entire month. Instead of just giving thanks on November 24, here is a list of 30 prompts, one for each day, to get you thinking about gratitude all month long.


Try to respond to one of these daily prompts out loud to yourself, verbally to someone nearby, or by writing them down in a journal (or notes in your phone, let’s be real).

  1. What is one thing you are grateful for today?
  2. Text or call someone you love and tell them you are thinking of them.
  3. Think about your favorite color. Why is it your favorite?
  4. Put your phone down at mealtime and be present while you eat. What is it about your food that makes you grateful?
  5. What recent life lesson are you thankful for?
  6. Genuinely compliment a loved one.
  7. What is something that happened today that made you feel happy?
  8. What is something you take for granted day to day, but could not live without?
  9. Look out your window. What do you see that you are thankful for?
  10. Look a person in the eyes when genuinely saying thank you.
  11. What are three things you are grateful for today?
  12. What is something you appreciate about your personality?
  13. What is something you did today that you feel proud of?
  14. Genuinely compliment a colleague or friend.
  15. Think about your favorite food. Why is it your favorite?
  16. Take 5 minutes to visualize your biggest dream as a reality. What would that look and feel like?
  17. What has been weighing heavy on your mind? Is there anything positive you can find in that situation?
  18. Think of someone you loved who is no longer with you. What are three things you love about that person?
  19. What are five things you are grateful for today?
  20. Tell someone around you something you admire about them.
  21. What is something you appreciate about your body?
  22. Think of a fond memory. What is it about that memory that makes you smile?
  23. What is something you have every day that makes your life easier?
  24. Tell each person you see today something you love or appreciate about them. These can be small or big, but should always be authentic.
  25. Try completing your entire morning routine with a smile on your face.
  26. Genuinely compliment a stranger.
  27. Text or call someone you love and tell them you are thinking of them.
  28. Wander around your home and find a token that you love. Carry it in your pocket all day.
  29. What are three things that happened today that made you feel happy?
  30. Today, find gratitude in everything you do. When you start to feel negative, as you inevitably will, take a moment to breathe, reset and find something positive to feel thankful for.


Each day you can find something to feel positive about and grateful for. Hopefully by the end of the month, gratitude will become a daily ritual that you can keep alive all year long.


Digital marketing expert, explorer, and former chef, Michelle spends her life trying to nourish those around her. Similar to diet, she believes that the thoughts we digest and metabolize also become part of us. Through this perspective, she tries to live with positivity, gratitude, and mouth-watering, health-giving nutrition. Favorite gummy vitamins: Omega-3 with Chia Seed!

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