3 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Workout In

Posted by Team Hero on November 6, 2015 under Fitness, Health Tips

WeightsThere’s nothing like the feeling of completing a good workout. You feel invigorated, stronger and ready to tackle the day. No matter what happens, you’ve accomplished something that benefits your health and well-being. But life is busy. Sometimes finding time to work out is challenging. Shorter days also pose a challenge for those of us that subscribe to an outdoor fitness routine. If you live in a colder region of the U.S., you have to contend with chillier weather as well. We’re here to help! We have three weather-proof solutions to help you get your work out in, no matter what the day brings.

Use Instagram for Fitness Inspiration

One of the biggest barriers to exercising is will. Motivation is a tricky thing. Sometimes you have it while other times feeling motivated to workout seems like a distant memory. One of our favorite ways to stay motivated is to follow a number of inspirational accounts on Instagram that post workout videos, quotes about fitness and other healthy tips. When you’re feeling uninspired, scroll through your feed and click on your favorite account. Choose a quick workout and commit to completing it. Here are some of our go-to accounts for health and fitness on Instagram:
Marriah AnnMarie – Workouts, fitness inspiration and pictures of her adorable dog? Followed!

Natalie Jill – This San Diego native shares inspiration and quick workout videos.

Alexa Jean Fitness – Creative workouts for everyone. Moms, this account is especially fun if you have a little one. Alexa often works out with baby by her side.

Do ‘Mini Workouts’ Throughout the Day

Washing the dishes? Do calf raises. Taking the dog for a walk? Do lunges while your furry friend stops to smell the roses. We love finding quick opportunities to squeeze in a few toning and strengthening moves. Here are some you can try anywhere, any time:

  • While brushing your teeth do calf raises. You should brush for about three minutes, which gives you ample time to tone those muscles!
  • During your favorite television show complete three rounds of planks, lunges, squats and push-ups.
  • When drying your hair, do squats or stretch when flipping your hair for volume.
  • Install a pull-up bar in your bedroom door frame and commit to doing three sets of ten pull-ups throughout the day.
  • If you don’t have weights at home, use laundry detergent to do Russian twists, toe touches or curls.
  • Literally ‘run an errand.’ If you have to get a small item from the grocery store or stamps from your nearby post office, put on those running shoes, strap on a small backpack and accomplish two things at once!



The digital age has its great advantages but one of the biggest detriments is many of us sit at our computer for most of the day. Our bodies get stiff and muscles get tight. Deskercize to the rescue! There are a number of moves you can perform in your workspace. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Tricep chair dips – Use your the arms of your chair to complete twenty dips.
  • Arm circles – Extend both arms to your left and right and move in a circular motion for a count of thirty. Switch direction and repeat.
  • Chair squats – Stand in front of your chair and squat until your rear hovers over the chair. Return to a standing position and repeat thirty times.
  • Pushups and planks – These core-strengthening exercises can be done anywhere!

What’s your favorite way to squeeze in a workout?


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