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Kids require a variety of vitamins and nutrients to be at their best, and often times an emphasis on one area of nutrition makes us forget an equally essential one. At Hero Nutritionals we recognize the bodily necessities of each boy and girl, and only produce products that meet the highest standard of quality, because your kids deserve only the best. Whether you are just looking to supplement your child’s daily consumption of vitamins or nutrients or you're looking for a more specific vitamin for their needs, we have a delicious gummy choice waiting for them. It’s easy to see why the first gummy vitamin from Hero Nutritionals has remained the bestselling children’s vitamin on the market, and we want your children to taste why.

It’s important to note certain factors in any food product that could affect your child’s health adversely, which is why all of our vitamins are free of products responsible for food allergies. On a similar note, people who have sugar restrictions can find a range of sugar-free alternatives within our store. Parents should remember that the addition of a multi-vitamin should only add to an already balanced diet, since there is no replacement for 3 nutritional meals a day.

Yummi Bears brand of chewable supplements gives you the knowledge that your child is receiving the nutrition you want, without any harmful ingredients. With a complete set of options for your child’s wellbeing, you are able to keep them healthy and nourished all-year. A healthy diet boils down to what they are consuming on a daily basis that promotes development and successful growth. Therefore, if your child is constantly getting sick throughout flu season, boost their immunity defense with Yummi Bears Echinacea. Or if your youngster is experiencing growing pains, contemplate Yummi Bears Calcium for increased bone strength. Hero Nutritionals has everything you’re looking for in a vitamin company, so begin showing your son or daughter how to practice healthier living habits today. 

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