How many Yummi Bears gummy vitamins should my child take?

Servings sizes vary by product. Check your product’s supplement facts to find the daily dosage for your child’s age range. Daily dosage is based on age, not weight, so we highly suggest following the serving size recommendations for each product.


What if my child took more than the recommended serving size?

Have them drink a full glass of water to help flush the excess vitamins and minerals out of their system. Other than a tummy ache or slight headache, your child should be fine. We do, however, recommend contacting your physician if you have any concerns.


In your vegetarian products, what is the source of pectin?

All of our Slice of Life and Yummi Bears Vegetarian formulas are made with a soft pectin base which is derived from fruit. Pectin is 100% plant based and vegetarian approved. All of our vegetarian, pectin products do not contain any gelatin, including Yummi Bears Organics brand.


I have a milk allergy. Is it safe for me to take Yummi Bears or Slice of Life gummy vitamins?

All of our ingredients are free of casein, and should be safe for individuals with a milk allergy.


Are your products lead free?

Yes! We conduct extensive testing to ensure we meet the standards of California’s Prop 65.


Are your products Kosher and/or Halal?

No, we are not certified Kosher/halal at this time, however, we are working towards Kosher certification and hope to provide that in the near future!


I have a Salicylate allergy or sensitivity. Can I eat Yummi Bears or Slice of Life gummy vitamins?

Various fruits and vegetables contain a natural source of salicylates. Because we choose to only use fruits and vegetables to flavor and color our gummies, we advise against consuming our products. The levels of salicylates may be small in our products, however, it’s always best to contact your physician to discuss whether or not our products are a good fit for you!


Your Sugar Free products contain fruit- couldn’t that still contain a natural sugar?

Yes, however, the amount of natural sugar from Lo Han Fruit and Chicory Root in our Sugar Free gummy vitamins is less than a half a gram–just enough to make the gummy naturally sweet, but not enough to be a concern for most families.


Is there any mercury in the Yummi Bears DHA?

We are proud to say that our DHA product is specifically tested for mercury and no mercury has ever been traced!


Is the Vitamin D3 vegetarian?

Our Vitamin D3 is sourced from lanolin which is obtained from sheep’s wool. The wool is taken from live, and healthy sheep. Since lanolin is not a tissue and contains no animal proteins, it is considered vegetarian. The sheep are not harmed in the process of harvesting the wool or lanolin, it’s just like an annual haircut!