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It can be tough for busy moms to juggle work, family and staying healthy. Our own Shanan Markley shares her best tips for finding balance.

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snowga and other ‘weird’ workout trends we can’t wait to try

Sick of the same old workouts? Not to worry, we have a list of some hot new workout trends that are sure to spice up your fitness routine.

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the best foods for glowing, healthy skin and hair

Keep your skin, hair and nails in great shape by eating more wholesome, nutrient-rich foods and and less processed, packaged foods.

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This year, do something different. Don’t make a New Year’s resolution. Instead, set attainable goals and create a game plan to create lasting, positive behaviors. Here’s to 2016!

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It’s time to mix up your cardio routine. Here are our favorite workouts to keep you in shape, happy and healthy.

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Tips and tricks to encourage healthy habits and banish distracted eating.

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3 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Workout In

Posted by Team Hero on November 6, 2015 under Fitness, Health Tips

Fun, creative ways to ensure that you get your workout in for the day.

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b 12 gummies

Feeling lethargic? Give your mind, body and soul a boost with these five tips.

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hiking in san diego

Four ways to curb your sweet tooth and still feel satisfied.

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One of our favorite forms of stress relief is exercise. A good run, a solid yoga session, a tough but rewarding bootcamp class: all of these contribute to a happier, healthier and more stress-free you. The reason exercise is such a potent form of stress release is not necessarily because of the popular theory that […]

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Over 70% of parents were surprised to find out how much healthy foods and physical activity their children actually needed according to the YMCA’s Family Health Snapshot! Here are five nutritionist-approved ways to help your child stay healthy during the summer.

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Thinking about mixing up your workout routine? We’ve reviewed some of the latest fitness classes to give you the 411 on finding the perfect healthy workout for you! These classes can make your next trip to the gym something to look forward to!

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Here are some of our favorite fitness accessories in our summer Fit Kit!

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Check out our favorite 5 Healthy Morning Routines to brighten your day!

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National Running Day Challenge

Posted by Sarah Hendrix on June 4, 2014 under Fitness

Today is not just any Wednesday…today is National Running Day! Click here to take our Hero Challenge! #HeroesRun

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