Kelly Springer’s passion for nutrition started at a very young age and grows stronger every day. Her initial exposure to the field of nutrition started when she was 17 years old and worked at a local hospital delivering menus and food to patients. From that experience, Kelly attended West Virginia University where she received her BS in Nutrition and received her Masters in Health Education from Cortland College. Kelly has worked as a clinical, residential, bariatric, community, retail and media dietitian. She owns her own nutrition company called Kelly’s Choice, LLC. Kelly’s Choice contracts RD’s to promote the message of “real food.”


The most popular New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, but if you’re dieting this year by eliminating an entire food group such as dairy or grains, read this first!

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There are three instances a child should take a multivitamin.

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The shcool year can be crazy busy for kids and parents. As parents, we are so busy preparing backpacks, getting school supplies, and making lunches that we can sometimes forget to take care of ourselves! This stress leads to decreased immunity. Here are some ways to keep your family’s immune systems up!

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