This is one dish you will want to be adding to your weekly meals! It’s delicious, easy, and nutritious.   Chicken legs have always been a secret favorite of mine. When given the choice, I try to opt for the leaner cuts of chicken, but the legs & thighs just taste good! Plus… my […]

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Common Workplace Health Pitfalls

Work outside the home is more stressful than ever: Long hours, bossy bosses, impossible deadlines, business lunches and crazy commutes are just a few work-related issues rattling our nerves and affecting our health. What’s more, research shows that workplace stress and environment can tip the scale in the wrong direction for many employees.   Here […]

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Wellness Team blogger, Ben Bratcher, MS, RD shares a healthful alternative to the classic spaghetti and meatballs that he makes for his family. It’s positively delicious and nutritious!

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A healthy, low-carb vegetarian stuffed sweet potato recipe loaded with southwestern flair and lots of vitamins!

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Registered Dietician, Stephnaie Magill shares how to make eating healthy easy for you and your family with her own tips and tricks!

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Here are six mood-boosters to get you through the winter in better spirits.

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The most popular New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, but if you’re dieting this year by eliminating an entire food group such as dairy or grains, read this first!

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Top Tips for Winter Wellness

Posted by Ben Bratcher on December 30, 2014 under Health Tips, Lifestyle

It’s tough when a child gets sick and, as busy parents, we don’t have time for colds! These are the top proven prevention strategies to help keep you and your family healthy this winter.

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Tips on children’s immune health during the Holidays. Turn those sniffles to giggles with natural immune boosters!

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5 Immune-Boosting Holiday Foods

Posted by Julie Upton on December 16, 2014 under Health Tips, Nutrition

Here are five seasonal favorites that research shows have cold and flu-fighting properties. How many will be on your holiday menu?

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Not only is it cold and flu season, there are several sneaky ways the season of celebration can weaken your child’s immune system, putting them at increased risk for getting sick.

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There are three instances a child should take a multivitamin.

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Simply drinking milk to strengthen bones isn’t enough! Learn the key vitamins and nutrients for building healthy bones!

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Let’s face it; with so many opportunities available to kids, families are on the go now more, making it harder to ensure everyone has healthy, nutritious meals and snacks. Here are some tips on packing healthy food on the go!

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Research shows that family meals help children adopt healthier eating patterns while reducing risk for obesity. Learn how to balance family meals and make healthy choices that the whole family will love!

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The shcool year can be crazy busy for kids and parents. As parents, we are so busy preparing backpacks, getting school supplies, and making lunches that we can sometimes forget to take care of ourselves! This stress leads to decreased immunity. Here are some ways to keep your family’s immune systems up!

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It’s back-to-school time! The seasons are starting to change, the weather is getting cooler, and my brand new kindergartener is sitting a room with 27 other kids. If you’re like me, you worry about the ensuing coughs, sniffles, fevers and GI issues that accompany the new school year. To help your child fend off those seemingly inevitable classroom-transmitted ailments, here are five ways to bolster their immune system.

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It’s finally fall! The kids are back in school and we’re falling back into our regular, post-summer routines. Homework, after-school sports and extracurricular activities are in full swing. We at Hero thought we would share some of our favorite weeknight recipes for busy families.

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School’s back in session! Hero Nutritionals’ Mom blogger, Stephanie Magill, MS, RD, CD shares tips to incorporating well-balanced sources of energy and nutrients that will keep your children’s brains and bodies fueled throughout the whole school day.

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If you are like us, you may have tried to “sneak” fruits and veggies into your child’s meals– but one way or another our little detectives can spot a cauliflower puree invading their mac n cheese a mile away. With just one serving of Yummi Bears Organics Multivitamin, learn how much nutrients our kids receive!

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Every meal is an opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle. Learn the secret principles to transforming your plate and get healthy, vitamin packed Back To School lunch recipes. Don’t forget to pack Yummi Bears and Slice of Life pure gummy vitamins for extra nutrients!

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Check out our favorite 5 Healthy Morning Routines to brighten your day!

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10 Fun, Healthy Summer Snacks

Posted by Sarah Hendrix on July 11, 2014 under Nutrition, Recipes

Here are some fun snack foods for the family to munch on–all of which are healthy alternatives to junk food and highlight produce filled with vitamins.

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Keep Dad healthy with these 3 essential vitamins!

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National Running Day Challenge

Posted by Sarah Hendrix on June 4, 2014 under Fitness

Today is not just any Wednesday…today is National Running Day! Click here to take our Hero Challenge! #HeroesRun

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5 Things to Know About Lycopene

Posted by Sarah Hendrix on May 14, 2014 under Nutrition

Lycopene has more amazing health benefits that you may think! Read the 5 things you should know about Lycopene and how to get the most out of its spectacular benefits + where to look for it.

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Taste for Life 2014 Essentials Awards

Posted by Sarah Hendrix on January 9, 2014 under Vitamins

Slice of Life Multi+ won the 2014 Supplement Essentials Award from Taste for Life! Check out all the winners!

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