Choosing to go organic is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! These are our top 4 reasons for going organic.

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November is here and I am feeling old because I say things like, “Where does the time go?” basically all the time. On the plus side, Thanksgiving is almost here and Thanksgiving is awesome. It just so happens to be my favorite holiday! The thing I love about Thanksgiving is that it is a lot […]

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Halloween is getting close and there is a big bowl of (adorable, delicious) unhealthy candy staring me right in the face. Every day that candy tempts me to come closer and have just one bite. That candy has a million tricks up its sleeve to make me want it even more than one bite. How […]

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We women are brilliant, strong, capable, determined, expressive and beautiful. Everything we do, we do with our whole heart. Being this amazing is pretty special, but we need to take care of ourselves to keep it up.

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Every little thing we do out of kindness and selflessness is hero behavior.

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