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What we love most about Valentine’s Day isn’t the candy or the flowers: It’s the opportunity to spread the love.

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snowga and other ‘weird’ workout trends we can’t wait to try

Sick of the same old workouts? Not to worry, we have a list of some hot new workout trends that are sure to spice up your fitness routine.

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butternut squash and black bean tacos hero nutritionals

The perfect addition to any weekly meal plan: butternut squash black bean tacos! Find the easy taco recipe here.

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the best foods for glowing, healthy skin and hair

Keep your skin, hair and nails in great shape by eating more wholesome, nutrient-rich foods and and less processed, packaged foods.

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Winter Hydration- 4 Tips to help you drink more and avoid dehydration

Being properly hydrated keeps both our mind and body running efficiently and is a key component for healthy skin and proper digestion.

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